Robotic Systems Integration Services

CIM Systems, Inc. specialize in robotic systems integration services for seamless automation including ABB and FANUC robots.

CIM SYSTEMS’ full range of services gives us the ability to provide turn-key automation solutions in addition to as-needed consulting and engineering, training, preventative maintenance, repairs, and programming support.

Robot Process DevelopmentRobotic Process Development

CIM SYSTEMS specializes in designing and implementing flexible robotic automation processes such as assembly, bin picking, inspection, laser cutting, machine and material handling, packaging and palletizing, polishing, and more. We have more than 35 years of experience in developing solutions for even the most demanding automation challenges.

Project ManagementProject Management

From first contact to final acceptance, CIM SYSTEMS will be there, working and communicating with you about the status of the project, identifying concerns before they become problems, and ensuring the entire team is informed.

Process SimulationProcess Simulation

We utilize advanced process simulation software like ABB’s RobotStudio® and Fanuc’s ROBOGUIDE® as well as SolidWorks®, Inventor®, and AutoCAD® to model and optimize workflows, validate process feasibility, and ensure efficiency and accuracy in every operation.

Electrical Engineering & Industrial Automation IntegrationElectrical Engineering & Industrial Automation Integration

Our team of electrical engineers will not only design your system but also program and integrate your robots, PLCs, HMIs, safety solutions, databases, vision systems, and process instrumentation to make your system work smoothly and efficiently. In addition, our in-house panel-build capabilities allow us to provide custom configurations for complicated work cells.

Robotic ProgrammingRobotic Programming

Our experienced programmers are precise and efficient, just like the programs they write. Our programming conventions help ensure consistency among cells, which saves time and money throughout the life of the system.

Mechanical Engineering and DesignMechanical Engineering & Design

Using 2D and 3D software, our in-house designers work with you to confirm the solutions we develop will fully meet your needs. Our design-build-test framework allows us to ensure your tooling and other custom components can take whatever your environment can dish out.

Fabrication & AssemblyFabrication & Assembly

CIM’s in-house capabilities allow us to respond quickly to design changes. Our equipment includes CNC and manual mills, lathes, laser and waterjet cutters, welders, and powder-coating equipment, just to name a few. We also work with a network of outside machine shops and fabricators to ensure all parts are completed on time and to quality specs.

Industrial Safety Control SystemsIndustrial Safety Control Systems

Safety is something we take very seriously at CIM SYSTEMS. From risk analyses to the latest industrial safety control systems, we adhere to stringent safety standards to safeguard both personnel and machinery.

Vision System IntegrationVision System Integration

We excel at using cutting-edge vision systems for quality control, inspection, vision guidance, bin picking and barcode scanning, thanks to our years of experience and superior brand partners.


CIM SYSTEMS offers comprehensive training programs on robot operation, maintenance, and programming to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills needed to keep your systems running effectively. We can also provide customized programs focusing on the exact equipment installed in your facility. You can either bring your team to our headquarters or we can come to your facility.

Preventative Maintenance, Service & UpgradesPreventative Maintenance, Service & Upgrades

We provide proactive maintenance solutions to ensure the optimal performance of your systems and minimize downtime. Should issues arise, however, we offer our customers on-call engineers who are available 24/7 to address your needs. We can also upgrade your existing robots to meet your current or future needs, whether it be to increase production, upgrade controls and features, or reduce maintenance costs.

Robot SalesRobot Sales

If you have the capabilities to integrate your cell yourself or simply need to replace your old robots, CIM SYSTEMS can help you specify and purchase new and used robots from all major manufacturers. Our integrator/partner agreements make our pricing and delivery times highly competitive.

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