Automation Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

CIM Systems, Inc. specializes in robotic automation solutions for a variety of manufacturing industries to streamline manufacturing.


In the aerospace industry, CIM SYSTEMS robots play a pivotal role in precision manufacturing and assembly by streamlining processes and ensuring high-quality production.


CIM robots are helping agricultural producers and equipment manufacturers keep the world fed more efficiently by automating their manufacturing, packaging, palletizing, and testing products and processes in new, exciting ways.


In automotive manufacturing, CIM robots provide a range of functions such as machine tending, material handling, adhesive dispensing, assembly, and testing for OEMs and their suppliers.

Building & Construction

Our outside-the-box thinking is helping to automate the construction and building materials industry. Our robots are there helping with material handling and stacking operations for improved worker safety and manufacturing efficiency.

Consumer Products

CIM robots are at work around the world manufacturing, assembling, testing, packaging, packing, and palletizing everything from personal care products to lawn-care equipment.


Our robots help produce and maintain highly specialized, precision equipment for deep underground or deep-sea energy exploration.

Food & Beverage

From shelf-stable products to frozen food, CIM SYSTEMS robots are assisting with crucial tasks such as packaging, sorting, packing, palletizing, and quality inspection. Our clean-room robots and food-grade tooling take the worry out of meeting cleaning and sanitation requirements.


By automating forging operations, CIM helps keep workers safer while improving product consistency and throughput. Robots with IP-67 ratings and other specialized equipment can easily withstand harsh environments and dirty conditions.

Industrial Supply

In the industrial supply chain, CIM robots streamline tasks such as material handling, inventory management, and order fulfillment to optimize warehouse operations and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.


Our flexible automation systems in logistics streamline the sorting, packing, and transporting of goods, leading to faster and more accurate order fulfillment. This ultimately improves the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, CIM robots assist in tasks such as drug and prosthetic development, manufacturing, packaging and testing. Our engineers are well-versed in clean-room and laboratory conditions and can develop a complete system that meets the most stringent requirements.


CIM robots work in the railroad industry in the areas of parts production, maintenance, inspection, and repair. Our systems help enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability in railroad operations.

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